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Black Audio has been created to help companies achieve the best results when it comes to broadcast or live sound. We want to change people’s opinions on how reliable wireless radio frequency audio can be. There are a lot of common mistakes and incorrect applications made in our industry which can paint a negative picture. We are here to change that!

Black Audio specialise in RF design and distribution and we pride ourselves on creating the correct system for your needs. We believe that when it’s done right RF sound is faultless. We want you to be able to have coverage for the area intended. Commonly there are black spots where talent cannot walk or stand because of poor RF. When RF distribution is done right this should never be a problem.

We specialise in Wisycom equipment to achieve our goals, purely because of the quality and technology in Radio Frequency. Wisycom’s Fiber transport, Antenna distribution and Filtering options produce incredible results in cancelling any chance of interference but also producing coverage over the largest of areas.

Together with our hands-on experiences in the field and over 10 years of knowledge from working in the industry partnered with unbeatable equipment, we are here to achieve industry-leading results. As part of our workmanship, we believe making sure the equipment is set up correctly and correct RF management of the area the equipment is being used in are part of the rental service of our gear. When deployed the right way RF sound is flawless.

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